PRICE; £22.99 PP

If you’ve ever been to Stortford, the first 5 minutes of the high street will leave your mouth-watering, that’s because of Cibos! The smell of their cooking drifts down the street and it smells too good to be true so saying that I thought let’s give it a go. I normally walk past it mainly because there are steps and I’m lazy but Thursday night I missed the gym so I could see what Cibos was all about.




£22.99 per person


The dress code is smart-casual; I opted for all black with a statement bag and choker to sass it up and add a little detailing!


It has a homely family orientated atmosphere which actually makes you feel as if you’re on holiday, with cakes and homemade pastries on the side and Italian music playing in the background it leaves you feeling transported to a different country. And how cool is this, the entire staff are all related!


Before I could even finish reading the menu (yes they were that efficient) I was already getting my glass of Prosecco filled up (and may I add it was ICE cold). I have been to some places before where they state it’s bottomless but your glass is always empty, this place however stuck by its statement and fulfilled what they said! My glass was at least more than half full the whole night.



On the menu you have 7 different pizzas to choose from, ranging from Anchovies to tuna to Salami to veggie pizzas. The pizzas were quite small which at first I was like heyyyy, why is it small and then gathered that because it’s bottomless it’s actually a good thing because then you have a chance to try different ones each time which in our case is what we did. In total we ate 5 pizzas between us; sounds mental but when something tastes good it’s hard to resist. The pizzas were amazing, they were filled with topping on thin pizza dough and I didn’t feel the need to add any sauce or dips. The minute you order one, it gets made totally fresh in the kitchen behind you and made to order if you want to add or take something away.

Although desert isn’t included in the brunch, I couldn’t help but notice the life-sized pot of Nutella behind the counter and then Giuseppe said we have the perfect cake for you to try if Nutella is your thing, I mean who doesn’t like Nutella! Nutella is everyone’s thing right? He brought out this cake which was smothered in creamy Nutella and drizzled with chocolate sauce and chocolate drops. The desert was insane, the chocolate was oozing out from the inside and it wasn’t sickly, it was actually manageable to eat which was surprising, it did feel very indulgent though and something you’d deffo order for a treat!


If that wasn’t enough, 5 pizzas down and one heavenly dessert; we had to try the weird-looking tube desert which is called Cannoli. These little Sicilian tubes of hardened pastry are filled with sweet creamy cheese and covered in sprinkles and icing sugar. They look so strange but definitely do not knock it until you’ve tried it. It was SOOOOO delicious!


A family run restaurant at the start of the high street, Giuseppe – the owner, (omg that name just rolls off the tongue – my new favourite name) used to be a painter and decorator…and then bam! He opened up an Italian restaurant and the rest is history!..I mean well it’s kinda not…he actually designed and decorated the whole of his restaurant so not only do they cook everything themselves, the whole place down to the last tiny detail was all designed by himself! Talk about personal touch!


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