‘We promise an intimate and relaxed dining experience that offers something different to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.’

Oh my god. Todays weather has been absolutely awful, the only thing that’s getting me through the day is the fact I have a dinner reservation at one of the newest Turkish Restaurants in Bishops Stortford, The Gourmet Turk! There’s been a lot of hype over this restaurant so I’m keen to find out if yet another Turkish restaurant gets my seal of approval! You’ll have to continue reading to find out my thoughts..


It’s very affordable, dishes are roughly £12-£15 each and alcoholic cocktails were £7.45 (So reasonable!!!)


We dined at 7.30pm and there were lots of people in the Restaurant already which I was surprised at seeing as it was midweek, so that’s always a good sign.


Again, its however you feel based on the occasion you’re celebrating. I wore trousers and heels with a jumper and felt like I fitted in, my friend wore jeans and boots. Honestly dress up or down based on however you’re feeling!


The decor is very pub-like, even though it’s a restaurant with grand chairs and chandeliers it’s still very much a pub. I think this adds to the atmosphere of the place making it feel very warm and romantic. The only thing I would say, is the tables leave ring marks from your drinks which is the only downside to the evening, I understand they might not want table cloths or runners as it might interfere with the cosy feel to the venue but maybe place mats could be a good idea.

The atmosphere was very family orientated (probably because it was a Wednesday evening), it had a very warm, relaxing and intimate vibe!


Honestly, the cocktails were out of this world. My friend and I were actually blown away with the quality of the drinks, they were literally so amazing we were like taking a sip and then gobsmacked right after each mouthful. It sounds so dramatic that I’m even writing this but I just want to get the vibe over to you that if you’re looking for amazing tasting cocktails, The Gourmet Turk is the place to beat!

My friends one tasted like an actual Bakewell tart? Literally UNREAL! I would probably go there for cocktails before a night out because they are just so scrumptious! Well Done to the cocktail maker, he is seriously talented!


I am still full up! We had starters, main and dessert plus cocktails so can you imagine how we’re feeling right now?! It was like man vs food! The presentation of the food was just gorgeous; presentation is almost as important as the taste so they get brownie points for delivering on both!


On the starter, we ordered the cold meze platter so we had the chance to try a range of dishes. There was this one dish that looked like stinging nettles all rolled up in a ball, I was a brave girl and I actually tried it without even checking what was in it, turns out it was…‘Stuffed vine leaves with rice, pine nuts, black currant and herbs’. Not gonna lie, it wasn’t my favourite seeing as I hate black currant and nuts, but you should always try new dishes because you might surprise yourself! And just look at the tomato in the middle?! The presentation of the food was just amazing!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Cold Meze Platter


The Mousakka which Pacha recommended me, was so Creamy, cheesy and full of amazing flavours, I didn’t once feel like I was missing out on meat/fish, it was so delicious. I couldn’t however finish the dish due to eating starters and cocktails before hand but I just want to let the chef know, it was Mukemmel! (Perfect)!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Vegetable Moussaka – Doesn’t it look dreamy?!


They actually surprised us on the desert, personally I loved the chocolate mousse and my friend preferred the Pistachio so that worked out perfectly. I’m not really a desert girl as you’ll know from my blog but I would deffo order the chocolate mousse again next time I visit!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


We had a few staff looking after us on the evening but the one that stood out the most was Pasha, he was so friendly and attentive and overall just really good at his job. Being newly Pescetarian (only eating fish not meat) I would have usually gone for a Chicken shish dish but Pasha recommended I try the Vegetable Moussaka, so I trusted his opinion and ordered it.


The food, atmosphere, cocktails and staff made us have a brilliant evening and we cannot wait to return. We would just like to thank Tony (the owner) for looking after us and we appreciate the effort that he went into for making sure our night went as smoothly as possible!



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