Within the past two years there has been a massive want and need for Turkish food, it’s like there’s a brand new Turkish opening up every month, and my mission is to try them all! The next one that caught my eye is the brand new restaurant which has opened up in Brentwood, Pivaz. I haven’t actually heard anyone that’s been yet as it’s very new so I was intrigued to see whether or not this one has what it takes to be the newest hotspot in town?! You’ll have to keep reading to find out.


I think if you were to have starters, mains, deserts and a few cocktails each, you’re looking at around £70/£80 each.


We dined at 8pm and left at around 10.30? Could have definitely stayed longer though, it’s one of them places where you just want to stay all evening.


We dined on a Thursday so it’s up to you how you dress. You can go full glam as the decor allows you to be as extra as you like or if you’re on a smart casj ting, that’s also fine.



I cannot deal. This, hands down, out of all the places I’ve reviewed has got to be THE most instagrammable restaurant by a country mile (loool the country mile bit I have always wanted to write and now I have, it felt good). Every single photo of the venue is just absolutely mind-blowing. People definitely must have thought, what a weird girl taking photos of all the lights and shiz but I just appreciated the decor so much that I couldn’t not snap it! Honestly, every chair, table, plate, light, fixture, fitting was just so gorgeous and expensive looking. If their decor was this magical can you imagine my excitement for the food?

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Gonna sound crazy but the table ratio to the chair is perfect, LOL! Like sometimes those booth tables you feel like you have to scream to be heard by your friends as you’re just so far away but these are close enough to chat but still giving you your personal space, whoever thought table layouts were minor, they are not, I appreciate a good table layout, you did good. I would 1000% go here on a date night, a family meal or out with friends, it’s like packed with humans but you have your own space and you can have your own private conversations and you can even play footsie under the table (cheeky!).


I feel like at most I can cope with about 2 cocktails, one’s usually nice and then the second is usually a risk and I end up hating it wishing I just played it safe and ordered wine. But as you will know from reading my blog, I am trying to stop playing it safe in life, if you always stick to what you know, how are you meant to grow and widen your experiences? Stop assuming. I say this because lately I just keep being proved wrong, the other day I was adamant I hated prawns and then I ordered them and I was like wow, I’ve been missing out. And tonight, the rule of 2 cocktails, kinda turned into 4. Oops.

I’ll tell you something that will make you laugh, so basically my friend was ordering cocktails like wow, how amazing do these taste, can’t even taste the alcohol, amazing! It was only until Claudio, (the manager) mentioned that he was in fact ordering from the mocktail menu and wondered why he wasn’t drinking. Oh my god, I was dead. Literally couldn’t cope with life, it was too much. Honestly, if you’re a non drinker and you feel pressurised about jumping off the fun train, just order a mocktail, that way you can still be involved with the cute photos and everyone will stop asking you every 5 minutes to drink. It’s the perfect plan.


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I know what you’re thinking…am I on holiday? No hun, just Brentwood high street. Magical.



‘What cocktail looks the best for Instagram’ – Chian ‘Choose any cocktail you like and we will give you a plate of garnish to decorate your own, how about that?’. PR MANAGER GOALS RIGHT THERE. 5 seconds later, this arrives. Deffo convinced my friend it was all edible as well. LOOOOL.


We were totally confused about what this was, we thought it was a loaf of bread, but it’s in actual fact hollow! And the sauce is a cream cheese dip, gorgeous!
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This was one of the most gorgeous mains ever; I always choose chicken or monkfish at Turkish restaurants but I thought I’d try something different. The lemon butter parsley sauce that was drizzled all over was literally a god send, it’s making my mouth water now thinking about it. If I were to dine there again, I would probably end up choosing this dish again, it was just full of flavour and how gorgeous is the presentation?



The thing is, that desert was so good, even after all that food I definitely could have demolished it again, GREEDY but wow. Probably the prettiest desert ever too? You cut into the sponge and warm chocolate sauce oozes out, (And yes, little miss piggy ate the entire thing). I’m writing this whilst starving, I wish I could just get this delivered to my house right now, can’t even deal. I want to be teleported back to Thursday!



First things first, we walked into the little reception area and was greeted by the ever so gorgeous PR manager, Chian. I always say first impressions are so important as those are what sticks in your brain; her bubbly, welcoming personality started off our evening in the right way. Before I entered the restaurant, I had to take a selfie before my buff ran out, Chian opened up the door behind me as she thought it would make my photo cuter, it’s the details like that which make me feel special. Me and my friend had a mini photoshoot in the entrance, I mean it deffo looked like the papps were out but Chian was just there cheering us on, it’s those types of humans you will remember forever, u da best.

Two other staff members that caught our attention were Claudio & Walter. They were looking after our table for the evening, we didn’t have to once try to get their attention for anything because they frequently checked on us and they treated us like royalty. Like it’s no joke. I think it just really makes a difference when people enjoy their jobs because it literally shows. They are a credit to Pivaz and I feel like I want them to be my waiters every time I visit!


Friends night out


Would just like to say a massive thank you to the team for looking after us on Thursday, your kindness and generosity is so much appreciated and I cannot wait to return





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