Effectively, whatever it takes to make your Santos Ibiza experience memorable. If you want to surprise someone, organize an event for your friends or your business or any other situation, we are all ears to listen and all hands to make it happen. – They definitely stood by this on our experience! 

This week I have had the pleasure of staying at the Tropicana Suites hotel in Ibiza and I have had the most amazing stay with them. If you’re a fan of social media, photography and anything super girly, this hotel is literally the most instagrammable place in life and you have to get yourself there ASAP. I actually couldn’t cope with it’s cuteness, I even brought a swimsuit with me which matched the hotel, how extra is that?!

Swimsuit from @ceekit




Tropicana Suites hotel itself is literally perfect; it’s the sassiest, cutest picturesque hotel I’ve ever been to. The colours are all lime greens and baby pinks surrounded with quirky little signs and decorations, and the hotel lights up at night time making the whole place glow up pink, IT’S SO CUTE!

  • 5 minute walk from the beach
  • 10 minute drive from the airport
  • 1 minute walk to shops/restaurants
  • Hotel room has a kitchenette, separate living area, balcony + bedroom area
  • Mini bar
  • Pull out sofa
  • Room service
  • Pool side DJ
  • Pool side bar


The rooms were surprisingly spacious (more than enough room for the two of us) and the beds were super comfy, which is so important when you’re not going to get much sleep so every second counts. Although the bathroom was quite small (although the shower was big enough for two) it helped that there was a full length mirror in the living area meaning we could both get ready at the same time and obviously sneak a few selfies in (GUILTY!!). I would also like to thank the hotel for decorating our room with multicolored balloons and party props as it was my friends birthday, that really added a special touch and they were so kind to have made the extra effort. Overall I was really happy with our stay and I would 100000% stay again.


The hotel room lighting was really dingy and it was SO difficult to do your makeup of an evening, the shower was so dark so for girlies definitely get a wax before you go as it would be impossible trying to shave in there!



I wasn’t very impressed with the pool menu as we had to leave the hotel for food as there wasn’t a great deal of choice and the options for vegetarians were quite limited. You know when you just want a few bar snacks to sit around the pool with that was a downside as you don’t really want to get dressed to pop out for a bag of crips, other than that though, everything else was amazing, and the cocktails were definitely worth the money, they tasted divineeeeeeeee!


The poolside area was literally amazing. You have double beds with pillows on, so your sunbathing is soooo relaxed and chill, you just feel like you’re in bed but outside, and because I’m a nightmare sunbather who fidgets every 5 seconds this made sunbathing much easier and actually bearable, I even think I caught a little tan! The pool is the perfect temperature as well and they have their own blow ups in there which is a bonus, I’m totally giving it to those insta girls who make their photos look sexy, I thought my version was the least sassiest try ever, it’s harder than it looks!

I have two bits of advice; if you are planning to stay there, one being, the hotel poolside area is VERY slippery, we witnessed 3 people fall over by the pool so just make a conscious effort to be careful and to make sure you leave your sign on the door for the maid. We forgot one evening to leave our sign out so we came home to a messy room but that was totally our fault so be mindful of that before you leave for your night out!

Swimsuit by @ceekit


I always believe the staff are what make your holiday a more memorable experience because you want to be made to feel comfortable when you’re away from home. On the last day we checked out at 12 and then sat around the pool all day and kept asking for our bags every 5 mins, they were totally friendly and happy to help us which made us feel completely welcome and nothing was a problem. The staff were all really delightful to be around and extremely friendly. One lady even made us a complimentary cocktail whilst we were by the poolside, little touches like that make you feel special!


Overall we had the most amazing time with you guys and cannot wait to return, thanks so much for being the best!





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